I’m a true CCCC.

CCCC – Chocolate Chip Cookie Connoisseur.

As some of you may know, I’ve always been a fan of chocolate chip cookie.

Just about any mall,  restaurant, coffee shop, or cafe that sells cookies can count me as one of their clients. Some are obviously better than others. Starbucks cookies – Not Great…really all their baked goods could use some help, but that’s a different discussion. Peet’s cookies – Not bad. If I’m in need of a coffee, more often then not it’ll be accompanied by a delicious peet’s cookie.

Lately though, by far my favorite has been Specialty’s. For those who don’t know, Specialty’s Cafe is a restaurant that started in San Francisco and they cater mostly to lunch time crowds around businesses. They’ve had a location near Jaimie’s office in South San Francisco for quite a while. But when they opened one in Santa Clara my appreciation of their cookies became a true addiction. How can you not appreciate a cafe that will send you “warm cookie alerts” via text & twitter. Seriously…I’m not joking…around 3Pm, right when you have that afternoon slow down…PING…cookies are fresh out of the oven at our Bower’s location. Freakin Genius.

My love affair was tested recently when I grabbed lunch the other day with Jaimie at Flower-Flour in Willow Glen.  I’ve driven by this little cafe for years and always thought it was cute, but never had the opportunity to stop in for lunch. It’s a little tough to say to your buddy “Hey dude, wanta grab lunch at a Patisserie slash Flower Shop?” “Maybe after we can get a Mani/Pedi” I don’t think so. 

So it was a perfect treat for Jaimie, on one of her few days off, to stop in and give it a try. We had a great lunch and were just about ready to leave, when on a whim I purchased a chocolate chip cookie for later that evening. Wholly Smokes!!!

I didn’t think it was possible. Kind of like that annoying food critic in Ratatouille; Was it possible for me to be caught off guard by a deliciously unexpected treat? Apparently so!

This cookie was amazing. So much so, that a few days later I found myself banging on the front door of the shop with my mouth watering only to find out they were closed on Mondays.

Freakin’ cookies….maybe I should just go to the gym.



  1. My mouth is watering just thinking of them!

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