F is for Fondue

Wow, I’m back.  I think it takes 21 times to make something a habit… right?  Hmmm, 19 more times to go.

So Jakey’s new sound (maybe for about a week or so) is F.  Up until now it’s mostly been G.  When he was super little he would cry, “MmmmGee, mmmmGeeeeeee!”  Now I know why people say ga ga, goo goo to babies all the time.  That’s exactly what they say to you.

Anyway, so Jake has figured out that if he attempts to eat his entire chin, he can make an F sound that sometimes turns into V.  Honestly, he can get his lower lip plus the whole crease in his chin into his mouth.  Earlier this week he created a total slobber beard while practicing FfffffffffffVvvvvvvv and then spit in my eye.  What a joy!

Actually, it wasn’t that bad.  It made me laugh hysterically.  But that’s another weird thing about parenthood.  Nothing about Jakey grosses me out.  I can be covered in spit, puke, and other baby liquids and it doesn’t even bug me.  Other kids’ boogers– sick.  Jake puke down my front– hmph, smells kind of good.  Yes, it’s weird.  But is it any weirder than the way my dad likes the smell of cow pies?  Must be part of Mother Nature’s grand plan.

F is for Fondue

Jake saying “Fondue.”

I think Jake has been practicing F in preparation for our very first inaugural CLUB night now that my dearest friend Jillana Marchina has returned home from jolly ol’ England.  Hallelujah!

CLUB stands for Cooking Light UB.  Now that I think of it, we never did come up with something for the UB.  It was almost 7 years ago that Jilly and I would get together on Wednesday nights after work, cook a delicious dinner from Cooking Light recipes, eat at 9pm, and watch the Bachelor.  Over the years the “light” kind of went out the window… at least at times… thus the fondue smorgasbord we had last night involving: heavy whipping cream, 1/2 and 1/2, cheese, cream cheese, bread, chocolate, wine, and cheesecake.  We did dip fruit and vegetables into this.

Here are my two favorite recipes.  Pretend that one is not from Rachael Ray (It’s RiOja, not ROja Lady!).


http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/michael-chiarello/chocolate-fondue-recipe/index.html (use the stove instead of the microwave so says Chef James)

These recipes are tried and true, and you can eat fondue much earlier in the evening on a weeknight than you can eat a cake decorated to look like an American flag.  Trust me.

Cooking Light Flag Cake

Welcome home Jilly Bean!


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