Jake: A Mom’s Opinion

Despite all my efforts to stop creating more projects for myself, here I am, writing my very first blog.  James has always been certain there is a secret blogger inside me.  I’m sure there is.  There’s probably also a supremely organized, deliciously fashionable, gourmet chef inside of me, too.  With perfectly organized photo albums.  But instead, I’m embarking on being a spotty blogger…

Why start a blog now?  Well, I was over at my neighbor Karen’s house this weekend and she whipped out a photo book of her son’s first year expertly woven with her blog posts capturing each memorable moment of “Life with Luke.”  Spring forward 12 years when Jakey has an “autobiography” school project.  Yes, I remember writing one of these around sixth grade.  “Mom, my friend Luke has an impressive digital archive.  What’s the URL for mine?”  Go check the shoe box under my bed.

So, to prevent this future failing as a mother, here I am writing my blog instead of doing my nightly milk management routine.

If you read any fashion magazines in the 90’s, you surely came across “Jake: A Man’s Opinion” in Glamour.  This is “Jake: A Mom’s Opinion.”  And today is Jakey’s very first half birthday: 09/14/09!  If I’m known for anything, it’s probably my commitment to celebrating halves.  I did throw a Half-Way Par-tay for myself not long ago…  And what is the requisite half birthday event of the day?  Cupcakes of course.

Jake’s 1st 1/2 Birthday Obviously, this is not Jake’s first cupcake.  Just 6 more months and I’ll actually let him taste it. :)


  1. Happy 1st “Half-Birthday” Jakey – love Nonna and Papa Fucillo

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