A Holiday “Party” & Outstanding in the Field.

Two very good friends of ours decided to throw a “Commitment Ceremony”/Party over the Holiday break. And oh what a party it was. Like us they are very much into the local food/local farms thing and the party was catered by Outstanding in the Field. A fantastic locally started “…roving culinary adventure – literally a restaurant without walls.” They source all their ingredients locally and in fact the party was hosted by Pie Ranch. A farm dedicated to teaching inner city kids about farming through the education of farming practices, in this case growing all the ingredients to make pies. Hence “Pie Ranch”.  What an adventure it was and we look forward to joining in a few Outstanding in the Fields events later this year.

The Party

P.S. to read OITF’s blog about the event go here. www.outstandingontour.blogspot.com


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